Visteon e-Bee

The E-Bee is the fourth democar I was working on with Visteon. Main topic was to show a concept proposal for mobility in 2020 with focus on carsharing, ridesharing, smart mobility and e-mobility.

The Project started at the very beginning with the question “what does a user need in such a scenario” and went via prototyping, testing, designing until implementation. I worked on the cluster which shows realtime 3D graphics, infotainment displays left and right of the steering wheel, head down display, door modules, Android tablet apps and so on.

Visteon e-Bee Website:

Demo videos on Youtube:

Simon Harris (Visteon Chief Designer) explaining the concept at CES 2013:

Customer: Visteon
2011 - 2013 - Duration: 2 years

Automotive // Industrial Design // Interaction Design // Tablet // web