Skate Guitar on a diet

After figuring out that playing the skateboard guitar longer than 30min will definitely kill my back I decided to radically put it on a diet ;-)

This meant, milling a huge chamber in the back. I know this would not make it nicer to look at but at least it makes it playable again. So the plan was to remove as much material as possible and then cover the hole with another piece of a skateboard.

skateboard_guitar_lighter_04 Starting the operation
skateboard_guitar_lighter_07 Milling the hole
skateboard_guitar_lighter_09 The hole - pretty messy
skateboard_guitar_lighter_11 Sanding down the lid from 7 layers to about 2 layers of Canadian maple
skateboard_guitar_lighter_12 Fitting in the lid
skateboard_guitar_lighter_14 Ready for the paint job

In the end it worked out pretty good!
I dont’t have a very precise scale here, but I should have removed around 1,5 – 2kg of wood. Compared to a Strat, it’s not much heavier.

The only thing is that I had to sand of some material on the back in order to make a smooth transition from the lid to the body – I hoped that it would not be visible after the paint job but there is quite some color difference now. The other option would have been to sand off the graphic as well but somehow I would like to keep it. This is a bit of a bummer but since its just the back side I think I can live with that!

skateboard_guitar_lighter_01 The new back
skateboard_guitar_lighter_03 Front view

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