Thomas Sulzbach Interaction Design was founded in 2009.

Today’s products become more and more computerized offering more and more functionality to the user. The programmable washing machine, the smartphone which basically is a computer, cars which nearly drive on their own and so on. With this rising complexity of todays and future products it is important as never before to offer an easy access and operation to the user while incorporating soft factors such as joy of use, perceived quality, branding and so on.

This is what I am focussing on:
The design and development of innovative and highly usable interactive systems.

My work covers the complete development process, starting with research, planning idea generation continuing with conception and design on to prototyping and user testing to documentation and implementation. This is based on an holistic and user centered design approach.



I studied industrial design with focus on interaction design at the university of design (HFG) in Offenbach am Main – Germany and finished in 2003.

During that phase I worked for the web agency “Yum new media” in Frankfurt am Main doing web design – this experience helped me a lot in understanding software development.

After finishing university in 2003, I spend the next 5 years working as an interaction designer in the automotive industry. I was employed at Siemens VDO and Visteon Germany working within HMI (Human Machine Interaction) and design groups. In these positions I learned a lot about processes, human factors, user testing, automotive interior design and all other fields required for creating automotive HMI systems.

In 2009 I decided to start my own business “Thomas Sulzbach Interaction Design”. With this I’m able to offer my service to domains like industrial automation, medicine, mobile and of course automotive and transportation.